Garlic roasted seafood fish fillet with mint and yogurt kiwi sauce

This garlic roasted seafood fish fillet with mint-yogurt kiwi sauce was welcomed with interest by the whole family. They like fish, they like potatoes, but at first they looked at the sauce curiously but skingly. After all, they liked 🙂

The fresh and fresh flavours of the salad are well in harmony with the spicyness of fish and potatoes. I made roasted, spicy new potato discs, but I think it’s also great with brown rice.

Garlic roasted seafood fish fillet with mint and yogurt kiwi sauce
Garlic roasted seafood fish fillet with mint and yogurt kiwi sauce

Ingredients for 4 persons:
4 slices white meat fish fillet
1 kg new potatoes
salt, pepper, flour
Hungarian spice mix
butter, olive oil for frying
Juice of 1/2 lemon

For the sauce:
3 kiwis
1 small box of natural yoghurt (you can drain excess juice the day before and get a thick creamy yogurt.)
15 dkg natural granular cheese (Cottage cheese) but can also be natural cream cheese
small bunch of mint leaves
salt, white pepper


First, I scrub the potatoes well, cut them into thicker circles and rub them well with olive oil blended with a Hungarian spice mixture.
Since the fish is ready very quickly, it is worth starting with potatoes that require a longer cooking time.

I salt the fish slices, rub them with grated garlic, turn both sides into flour.
In another pan, I put a piece of butter in it after it’s hot and pour a little olive oil over it. I put the fish slices in and bake them in 3-4 minutes per side, baking both sides golden brown.

For the sauce,

I peel the kiwi, finely chop it, but before I use it I subject it to a quick heat treatment, because it has such a bad property that if mixed with a milky ingredient, the enzymes in it break down the lactose and, as a result, after a while the food becomes bitter. Therefore, when heat-treated, these enzymes can no longer activate.

And the heat treatment can be solved by turning the chopped kiwi in a frying pan, slightly heated. Or boil water and dip the kiwi in the boiling water for a moment or two in a filter, then dip it in ice water and dripping well when it has cooled. I chose to turn it around.

I mix the yoghurt with the cheese, chopped mint, salt and pepper a little, but I just put a hint in it to give the natural flavours.
After the potatoes and fish are almost ready at the same time, I put them on a plate, drip a few drops of lemon juice on the fish and add the kiwi juice to the yogurt sauce when serving.

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